Swedish Meatballs


Swedish Mearballs

I'm sure you tried at least once Swedish meatballs at Ikea, they are the most popular dish on their menu, but have you ever wondered how these meatballs appeared? Dr. Rachel Laudan, a food historian, claims that meatballs have been a staple of Swedish cooking for many years and that the first recorded recipe dates from the 18th century. The Swedish meatballs we know and love today, nevertheless, probably owe their present form to the influences of other cuisines, particularly Turkish and French.
The Swedish furniture company IKEA popularized the Swedish meatballs that we are familiar with today in the middle of the 20th century. In the 1950s, IKEA started serving meatballs in its restaurant, and they quickly gained popularity. IKEA began offering frozen meatballs in its stores in the 1980s, which contributed to the Swedish meatball's global ubiquity.
What is really special about these meatballs is the mustard sauce that is served. The sauce suits perfectly the delicious and flavoured meatballs and served with smased potatoes, this meal is exactly what you need. For a very tasty sauce, you will need a good mustard and the new mustard Sultanel from Sultan is the best choice for this sauce. You can find 4 variations of the new mustard, with ginger, white wine, whiskey and cognac. The recipe is easy to make, delicious and it will definetly win your hear if you try it.
PREP TIME 10 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine European, Swedish
Servings 8
Calories 290 kcal



  • 650 g minced meat
  • 1 onion
  • 1 egg
  • 50 g breadcrumbs
  • 120 ml milk
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp all spice

Mustard Sauce

  • 500 ml milk
  • 100 ml cooking cream
  • 50 g butter
  • 80 g flour
  • 2 tsp mustard
  • salt
  • pepper



  • Put the breadcrumbs and milk in a bowl and let the breadcrumbs soften.
  • Separately, in another bowl, mix the minced meat with the finely chopped onion, the egg, the breadcrumbs, the spices and mix until all the ingredients are well incorporated. Form the meatballs and either bake them in the oven or airfryer or fry them in a pan. I chose to cook the meatballs in the airfryer, without oil.

Mustard Sauce

  • For the sauce, melt the butter and mix it with the flour. After a dough has formed, gradually add the milk and mix continuously to remove all the lumps formed. After finishing adding the milk, add the liquid cream, mustard, salt and pepper and leave it on the fire for 1-2 minutes.
  • Add the meatballs and incorporate them with the sauce. It goes well served with mashed potatoes or any other side dish you like.


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